Pre-Indictment Representation

Representation in pre-indictment stages of criminal investigations, with the goal of avoiding indictment altogether or minimizing scope of criminal exposture. This can be the most valuable service of all.

Grand Jury Proceeding

Representation and advice for clients who are witnesses, subjects, or targets in grand jury investigations, including litigation over grand jury subpoenas.

Plea Negotiations & Sentencing

Representation to resolve criminal charges on most favorable basis, including advocacy for clients under Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Trials & Appeals

The firm has substantial experience handling federal trials and appeals.

Related Civil Aspects

The firm also handles civil administrative matters which often accompany white-collar cases, such as IRS cases, Tax Court cases, and professional licensure proceedings (medical, legal, and accounting). It is often crucial that related civil administrative proceedings be coordinated with the criminal defense to fully protect the client's rights.


The firm has substantial experience in handling civil and criminal forfeitures in both state and federal court. Forfeiture claims frequently accompany criminal investigations of Health care, drug, tax, fraud, and racketeering cases. Forfeiture can deprive a client of the use of assets pending disposition of criminal charges, and adversely effect one's ability to defend oneself against such charges. As such, coordination with the criminal defense can be crucial.



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